About Us

MD Communications is a boutique, global reputation and communications consultancy working in the legal and professional service sectors.

Founded by our CEO Melissa Davis in 2010, our purpose is to help clients define, refine and strategically manage their reputations to fulfil their potential.

From the very beginning, we always work in partnership with our clients to understand their strategy, their brand values and what they aim to achieve. We can help them to define and express their purpose and then, with strong foundations established, we develop messaging and delivery plans which link to strategy, build brand awareness in key markets and help to manage client relationships.

No two clients are ever the same. So, we adapt our tactics and approach to fit what each client needs, drawing on the substantial knowledge our consultants bring from years of experience at the highest levels in legal and professional services businesses.

We offer a range of related services designed to deliver the outcomes you need and meet the objectives we agree. These include PR, digital and social media, the core of any brand building programme and increasingly vital for establishing your employer brand in a highly competitive recruitment market.

Additionally, our client listening team will help you continue to meet your clients’ needs, now and in the future while our internal communications experts can ensure your colleagues all understand what you are trying to achieve and what their role is in your success.

We also have the skills and experience to ensure your legal directories and awards submissions are successful and to assist with the bids and tenders you need to win new business and drive growth.

And all the time, we will work to build our relationship with you and understand your business so we can identify future opportunities as well as those you need now – always building for the longer-term.

We may be boutique but we have bandwidth and our voice is always heard – thanks to the experience our team has and the respect they have in the markets in which they operate.

Our central team is based in London but we have consultants across the UK and the globe. And collectively, we have decades of experience of developing and delivering strategic communications programmes which deliver real results and help businesses grow.

Our CEO Melissa Davis is an active member of the IBA global leadership committee, with a rolodex of contacts throughout the sector, government, the media and many consumer brands.

We pride ourselves on our senior level leadership, with each member of our team having at least 15 years’ experience in the sector. Our experience, networks and track record of delivery help our clients generate genuinely exciting opportunities and find new ways to strategically develop their profile.

Complementing our deep sector experience, we can also call on the skills and knowledge of advisers including an ex-advertising agency leader and a global blue-chip marketeer to give the view on how other industries are leading the way.

We’re proud of our reputation and want to help you to be even prouder of yours.

Melissa Davis

The team at MD Communications knows what journalists want and is skilled at providing knowledgeable commentators at short notice when deadlines are bearing down. Years of experience with the legal profession means the MD team also actively produces valuable ideas and leads in what can be a complex field for reporters.

Jonathan AmesLegal editor - The Times

Meet Our Team

Our hand-picked experts work with us because they are aligned with our values.

Relationships are at the heart of everything we do. As a result our team’s network spans worldwide across the media and professional services connections.

MD Communications’ support for our work promoting diversity, inclusion, and culture in the legal sector has been invaluable. We so appreciate their partnership, expertise, and passion for their work.

Daniel WinterfeldtFounder and Chair - InterLaw Diversity Forum

Pro Bono Work

Pro bono work, or using our skills for the greater good, has been a key part of the DNA of MD Communications since Melissa first put her name above the door.

The legal sector is a world we commit our time to understanding and promoting, and as part of this we enjoy working pro bono with organisations such as the International Bar Association, and The InterLaw Diversity Forum.

We are a founding partner, along with several big name organisations, of a parenting campaign ‘The Positive Parents Alliance’ which was launched to better protect the mental health of children, should their parents separate. Our CEO Melissa Davis was one of the creators of the campaign and both Melissa and MD Communications Partner James Hayhurst, who is chair, sit on the advisory council, which has been three years in the making, after witnessing far too often the damage that bad separation can cause children who are caught in the middle of parental conflict.

A coalition of at least 20 children’s mental health charities, separated parenting groups, relationship charities and other invested stakeholders have created ‘The Parents Promise’ to better protect children affected by family separation.

As an active member of the legal community and having seen the damage that separation can cause we at MD Communications are proud supporters of the Parents Promise which will support and encourage parents who are separating to do this in a way which protects and puts the mental health of their children at the forefront.

Melissa DavisFounder & CEO - MD Communications

We want to change the culture around separation, both within families and in wider society. Within the legal sector, a community Melissa is hugely proud to be a part of, the ask is that we start treating all separating families with much greater compassion and make sure they have access to the support they need instead of being allowed to drift towards a family court system that too often creates division and makes co-parenting impossible.

We want there to be greater adult communication and child-centricity around separation, which includes discussion around how to co-parent after separation, when the parents are still together.

Melissa has signed the promise with her husband James for Jessica. We are asking every parent to make the Parents Promise today. Will you?

Sign the promise

Lawyers for Net Zero

We’re excited that Lawyers for Net Zero, a fantastic new environmental initiative for which we are pro bono PR partners, has launched.

Founded by Adam Woodhall to empower in-house lawyers to deliver significant climate action, an impressive roster of counsel are already on board, including Anthony Kenny, Assistant GC Corporate and CBS at GSKTamuna Cheishvili, Legal Counsel at Deutsche Bank, Stephanie Beat, Head Of Legal and Compliance at Certas Energy, Senior Legal Counsel at Arup, and Alessandro Galtieri, Deputy General Counsel at Colt Technology Services.

These leading lawyers are exploring how fellow counsel can help their businesses take a lead on climate change and building a better future globally, as part of London Action Climate Week 2021.

The Law Society Gazette has covered the story:

News focus: Lawyers zero in on climate change

‘Net zero’ network to support in-house lawyers tackle climate change

50/50 by 2030

In March 2021 we were incredibly proud to announce we are the pro-bono PR partner for the IBA to get the message out about their gender project to achieve true gender parity in the legal industry. The IBA has spearheaded efforts to push the profession forward for many years and this project will finally root out the causes of sexism at the highest levels of the sector and provide a blueprint for change.

To help raise awareness of this important campaign please share the press release, or like/comment on the IBA’s LinkedIn post.

Many media outlets have already covered the news, including The Times and The Law Society Gazette and the project is gathering support worldwide.

This is the biggest project in the legal space of its kind ever. It has real capacity to create change and momentum, so your support in sharing the launch of this initiative is wonderful.

Festive Video 2020

In Christmas 2020 we ran a fundraising campaign in support of Reverse Rett and Skylarks Charity. Reverse Rett is a UK medical research charity dedicated to changing the lives of children and adults with Rett Syndrome, and Skylarks is a local charity based in West London which has a vision to create a world where children with special needs can thrive.

At our annual party we normally celebrate with a host of international guests at the Club at The Ivy. But instead for 2020 we put together a video campaign hosted by Eduardo Reyes, Law Society Gazette Features Editor, from his home in Peckham, and Matt Byrne Deputy Editor of The Lawyer magazine, who usually fronts the band, contributing with some brilliant guitar playing.

Thank you to all our contributors to these videos, Moray McLaren, Daniel Goldberg, Joanna Goodman, Stephen Revell, Ekaterina Rozenbaum, Grzegorz E. Woźniak, Felicia Kemi Segun, Denise Laffont, Peter Taylor, Neil Montgomery and Chris Owen, Andrew Mackenzie, Matt Byrne, Christina Blacklaws, Gerald Schachner, Claudia Hong, Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP, Adam Sampson, Gerard McDermott – so many we met through the International Bar Association.

For every ‘like’ these social media posts received we donated £1 to the two charities, raising a total of over £2,000.

Meet the Media Event 2020

Our last physical event, the Meet the Media panel debate in February 2020, raised over £1,000 for Reverse Rett. The event was based around four journalists – The Independent’s Sean O’Grady, The Lawyer’s Matt Byrne, technology and business columnist Joanna Goodman and The Law Society Gazette’s Ed Reyes – who brought their century-plus of journalistic experience and the guests’ entrance fee went to the charity.

Read about the event

Other campaigns and Initiatives

We also support many initiatives and charities that help the legal sector to improve the lives of others – these include Only Mums & Dads (Melissa is a member of the advisory group), which supports parents when separating to put the mental health of their children first and encourages family law firms to be part of the solution. We were recently proud to help promote their latest 101 guide to separating. We also work with SEND Kids who are working with the legal sector to help improve the chances of families of Special Educational Needs children get the financial support that they are entitled to more quickly.

Other organisations we have enjoyed supporting include:

  • The InterLaw Diversity Forum – founded by Daniel Winterfeldt QC (Hon), its mission is to foster inclusion for all diverse talent working in the legal sector, and to promote meritocracy in all sectors by working to ‘level the playing field’ in order to create environments where the best talent can succeed.
  • The Deaf Law Centre – now sadly closed, this worked to ensure justice and equal access to the law and legal services through advice, representation, education and training for deaf people.
  • Westminster Foundation for Democracy – the UK public body dedicated to supporting democracy around the world. WFD works with parliaments, political parties, and civil society groups as well as on elections to help make countries’ political systems fairer and more inclusive, accountable and transparent.
  • Legal Charities Garden Party – a yearly event (until recently), with the first Garden party held in Gray’s Inn on 6 June 1968, which raises funds for charities which provide financial support for lawyers (and their dependents) who find themselves in need.
  • London Legal Walk – the main event held yearly by the London Legal Support Trust, an independent charity that raises funds for free legal advice services in London and the South East. In 2019, 15,000 people walked through London raising money to support pro bono and advice agencies.

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