The power of a strong employer brand – David Standard in PM Forum

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Our PR, Marketing and BD Director David Standard has been featured in PM Forum, discussing how actions speak louder than words when building your employer brand.

David states that both human resources and marketing have a common purpose within a business and working together on an employer brand is a good meeting point. He looks at how to sell a service where essentially, people are buying people.

David notes, “We cannot create and promote an authentic external brand in professional services without it being genuinely believed and communicated by our greatest ambassadors: our employees.”

The article examines how attitudes at work have changed since the pandemic, particularly around mental health, the reaction of clients to poor working practices, and how technology has helped to expose firms with bad practices. It goes on to explore how employer brand increases retention and recruitment, and how to ensure a good brand is clearly visible throughout the organisation.

In conclusion, David notes that a strong employer brand is key to success: “Figuring out what sort of business law firms want to be and what they stand for is a step toward happier employees, happier clients and ultimately, greater profitability.”

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