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Corporate teams are the engine of many businesses, so why do so many law firms struggle to promote their deals?

“We’re doing lots of deals, but no-one knows about it.”

Many law firms around the world say this. Here’s the good news. Getting coverage for your deals isn’t impossible. The media like a good deal and clients are often very happy to promote their latest deal.

A successful M&A transaction can be a huge catalyst for revenue growth for your law firm. Our training course will equip you with practical steps on how to promote your deals and maximise media coverage.

1. Introduction

  • Meet the trainers: who we are, experience, creds
  • What we do: Promotion and protection

2. Why you should publicise your deals

  • Client benefit: for existing and potential clients
  • Referrers
  • Internal engagement, knowledge and future opportunities
  • Social media and media profile – to be shared by colleagues
  • Employer brand
  • Credentials: demonstration of market knowledge, ‘finger on the pulse’

3. The three ‘wins’

  • A name-check
  • A quote and a name-check
  • Writing the release, controlling the message – the holy grail

4. How does it work?

  • Pipeline: think ahead
  • Planning: talk to your clients, do it early
  • Prepared: ready to go on completion, not after completion
  • Publicise: as many channels as possible … and share it… and don’t be dull

5. When it works … and when it doesn’t

  • We will use real-life examples to demonstrate what does and doesn’t work.

The course has been designed as a two-hour face to face session, or the course can be trimmed into a one-hour online session.

The course is aimed at corporate, commercial, and real estate teams to consider deal promotion to improve the firm’s profile and position the firm as ‘a business doing deals.’

Learn how to showcase your team’s skills, experience and knowledge. Promoting deals helps your company to establish and build its employer brand.

  • 1 hour or 2 hours depending on format.
  • Online (1 hour) or face-to-face (2 hours).
  • Groups of up to 10

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