Camila Reed

Training and Digital Media Director

Camila is a communication and digital transformation expert with over 20 years’ experience running campaigns, setting the news agenda and creating training programmes for differing ages, cultures and clients around the globe. Bilingual in English and Spanish, she has lived in Latin America and is an integral part of our Latin America team.

She has worked for multinationals, UN agencies, NGOs, and senior individuals devising strategic communications plans, building audience and content for rollout across multiple channels. Whether it’s climate finance, fintech, education, raw materials or not for profit her goal is to help you speak so people will listen.

She has a thorough understanding of how the media works and a track record of cultivating relationships, and setting the editorial agenda. These have been gained through being part of the editorial leadership team at Reuters, where she helped launch the video on demand TV platform, Reuters Insider TV, at the BBC World Service, in print media and with clients from Tavares Media among other roles.

She’s used to working with senior leadership teams to help them present and convey their story to a wide variety of audiences whether employees, investors, governments, clients, NGOs or media. She’s helped clients shape their message be it around climate change, ESG goals, new products, diversity and inclusion (D&I) or trade and finance.

She enjoys helping others get their message across effectively in person and online and and creating video or digital content, blogs and white papers to support their messaging. She believes you need to stay curious, keep learning and keep asking why.

Camila Reed