How to PR a Law Firm

Resource Description

How to PR a Law Firm draws on our CEO Melissa Davis’ 20 years of experience advising law firms to provide guidance on campaigns, building relationships with journalists, social media, personal brand, networking, directories, and awards.

In an online world, you have a profile and reputation whether you like it or not. Your reputation – for expertise, trustworthiness, competence, passion or humour – has value.

This book is aimed at anyone in a law firm involved in PR and communications… which should be everyone. Everyone in a law firm has a role to play in making sure that the vision of the firm, and the strategy it is following to bring this to life, is understood externally.

Every social media post, quote in the press or award shortlist builds up the reputation you want to be known for. We’ll also take you through the steps you need to think about if a crisis unfolds.

You know what you deserve to be known for. This book outlines how we can make that happen.

All proceeds from this book will fund work in the autism space to ensure better understanding and focus on the actions that are needed to make the world a better place for all autistic people.

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