Legal directories

  • Do you get the rankings you deserve?
  • Are you missing opportunities for recognition?
  • Do you find the submissions process confusing?
  • Do you feel like you could do better?

Outsourcing the process for your annual legal directory submissions can free up valuable marketing and fee-earning resources

MD Communications' dedicated Legal Directories Ranking team is made up of former legal directory editors and senior marketing managers from UK and global law firms. Our legal directory consultants have the insight and experience to make your submissions count.

We support firms in the UK, Europe, Asia, the USA and beyond, advising on process, content, interviews, organisation, PR and where to direct resources to get the best return on investment. Our team can:

Advise on the most effective legal directory submissions strategy for your firm

Auditing your current process, identifying the best options for success, planning a roadmap to get there.

Prepare detailed, persuasive submissions for any market or practice area

We drive the entire process and create all the documents - all you need to do is press 'send'.

Review and edit existing submissions for effectiveness and focus

Our legal directories consultants cast an expert eye over drafted documents; identifying gaps, streamlining text, applying our in-house experience.

Draft robust submission templates

Documents that you can use to repeat your successes year after year.

Deliver powerful PR on new legal rankings

How to turn successful directories results into broader recognition, as part of an effective PR strategy.

Engage us to manage all of your global submissions, or ask for our advice on a single draft - we add value every time.

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