Five ways to make the most of your legal directory rankings

After all the hard work, your latest legal directory rankings are out. What do you do next? 

Our expert directories team has put together some quick tips to make the most of your results:

1. Promote your success

Update email signatures and website copy with rankings and stand-out editorial quotes.

2. Boost morale

Share good news results and thank teams for their hard work.

3. Audit and update

Use submission date to update ageing biogs, CVs, case studies and website copy.

4. Key strengths

Having identified the standout areas of your practice, create a content calendar of thought leader pieces to enhance your reputation.

5. Help your bids team

Legal directories are a goldmine for bid teams. In addition to deal and matter information, a well-written practice overview can be a great starter for 10 in identifying a team’s main strengths and nailing key messages. Mine directory submissions to update or create a ready-to-use knowledge bank for bids and proposals.

Not happy with your ranking? Seek feedback from the directories and use it positively to inform business development and operational audits and focus on client relationship programmes.

If you’d like any support with your directories submissions, whether you’re already ranked or looking to be, our directories team can help.

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