Christmas comes early for local PR

The countdown to Christmas is now well and truly upon us and journalists across the land will be looking ahead to the festive period and thinking as to how they will fill the pages of their publications quickly and easily so they can go and enjoy the season of goodwill.

A weekly newspaper journalist told me recently that the Christmas and New Year period was arguably the most stressful time of the year.

While other departments within the industry have their Christmas holidays just like the majority of others, journalists still have to find the stories to fill the empty space devoid of advertisements.

Paginations might be lower over the Christmas weeks, but the deadlines are tighter and Bank Holidays do not help because while journalists might still be working, other departments might be off leading to pressure over getting the papers finished earlier rather than later.

It comes to the point where reporters are writing forthcoming news for next week’s paper – yesterday!

It is this time of year therefore when a bit of good old-fashioned PR might pay dividends.

Journalists might not be overly excited to receive an endless stream of press releases from PR firms during the rest of the year – but come December anything with a “local link” which arrives and could be held for the Christmas editions is a Godsend.

Why not open your office doors to the public and have a festive coffee morning for clients. Not only does it give you a bit of PR with the general public, throw in a few mince pies and some Christmas hats and there you have a perfect photo opportunity for the local paper.

Take the photo and along with a few words of “why, what, where and when” and email it to your nearest newsdesk.

Seasonal offerings will be gratefully received by our friends within the local newspaper industry so be kind this year and wrap up a PR gift.

If you would like some assistance with your local PR strategies, just get in touch.

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