Keep your Christmas press releases present

The big NO-NO for local newspapers over the Christmas period is when they continue to receive press releases about festive-related events in the middle of January.

There is nothing more annoying, I have been told, for journalists to receive emailed press releases about companies holding a Christmas event for clients and customers in the run-up to the festive season – a month after they have been held.

A photo of the managing partner, with a Christmas hat on drinking a glass of sherry, appearing in a local newspaper on January 20 is not going to happen. You wouldn’t see newspapers hold over school nativity play photos until that time, so why would they be interested in promoting your firm’s Christmas get-together weeks after the decorations have come down?

If you are a law firm holding an event in the run-up to Christmas or you have a festive-related story to tell – tell it now. If you employ a PR firm to do your publicity, make sure they get the press release and photo out now – rather than after Christmas has finished for another year.

If newsdesks receive Christmas-related copy and pictures after the Christmas season the only button they will be pressing with journalists is the “delete” button.

In these days of digital and social media which is up-to-date and present – the last thing newspapers want is material which is weeks old.

Local newspapers in particular are always keen to have Christmas-related PR press releases from local firms to help ease the pressure of festive deadlines.

So make sure you get your Christmas news into them as soon as possible to make sure it counts and stands a good chance of getting published.

Make sure your work is Ho-Ho-Ho – rather than No-No-No!

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