The power of vulnerability

In a recent article in The American Lawyer, good friend of MD Communications Jeff Davis explained how the pandemic has made it clear that we are all vulnerable, and being open about it can build much stronger teams.

“The secret to connection is sharing your vulnerability with others. They see your flawed self. Your forgetful self. Your struggling self. Only then, can we feel truly seen. Only then can we feel that others actually ‘get us’.”

This is exactly the reason why we are proud to have Jeff Davis, chief legal and corporate affairs officer at the Ontario Teachers’​ Pension Plan, as a speaker on our panel in a series of webinars we are running on resilience. Because he’s not afraid to show his vulnerable side or talk about it openly. He sees it as a sign of courage, not a weakness.

This past year has taught us how truly resilient we all are. And how being openly vulnerable is the key to finding connection to other people.

You can read Jeff’s heartfelt story in The American Lawyer.

Webinar: The addiction to perfectionism in the legal sector: what’s its impact on mental health? – Thursday 29 April @ 2pm (UK)

Jeff will be part of our expert panel where we will discuss whether lawyers are addicted to perfectionism and what the consequences are for mental wellness.

We will focus on the culture of perfectionism within the professional service sector, and the negative effects it has on individuals’ wellbeing, discussing the link between shame and addiction and how that erodes the ability to be vulnerable and to connect, and the impact this has on the resilience of the sector as a whole. Our experts will discuss how to prevent the negative spiral that can lead to addiction and what support is out there.

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