LinkedIn for lawyers: Emma Maule and Katy McEwen-Smith featured in the Law Society Gazette

emma maule & katy mcewen smith in the law gazette

Digital Director Emma Maule and Communications Director Katy McEwen-Smith have been featured extensively in the Law Society Gazette in an article about how lawyers can make the most of LinkedIn.

Written by Features Editor Eduardo Reyes, the article looks at how the platform has evolved, which levels of seniority are using it, and provides top tips.

“It’s a mistake to think of it as just another social media platform. Instead, lawyers should view it as the most powerful networking and business development tool currently available to them. If you’re not using it to its full potential, you’re missing out on a prime opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and grow your presence,” says Emma.

Katy notes, “The power of the platform lies in consistency. Used as an effective business development tool, it serves to continuously remind prospective clients, referrers and colleagues about what you stand for and keeps this in the forefront of people’s minds for when they need your expertise.”

The article also lists Emma and Katy’s six top tips to get the most out of LinkedIn:

  • Optimise your profile to get an ALL-STAR rating and increase your reach by 40%
  • Identify your top content pillars and work to your personal brand plan to create your own content, while keeping an eye out for suitable content to base posts around
  • Post once or twice every week on weekday mornings and always include eye-catching images or videos
  • Engage daily by commenting on posts to supercharge your reach
  • Nurture your posts by responding to comments in a timely manner for optimal traction, and
  • Encourage swift engagement from colleagues to push your posts to a wider audience.

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