MD Communications features in Law360 with tips for lawyers on making the most of social media

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Partner Steve Rudaini and Digital Director Emma Maule have co-written an article for leading legal publication, Law360, on social media for the legal profession.

The opportunities for social media to increase a business are unlimited despite its flaws, and to make the most of its potential, training and regular updates should be part of all lawyers’ professional development, say Emma and Steve in the article.

The article looks at the benefits of social media, the flaws, what social media can achieve, what the regulators say, what the future holds, and finishes with top tips on getting the most out of the platforms.

The benefits include visibility and help with recruitment by increasing the diversity of the profession:

“While for many our legal sector is still perceived as an old boys’ network of bewigged, pale, male and stale toffs, the reality is different and social media has a part to play in demonstrating a more diverse and inclusive profession. It is by no means perfect, but even if a handful of people see a more diverse makeup of lawyers across social media and choose to pursue a career at the Bar or as a solicitor, it is worthwhile.”

Discussing what social media can achieve, the article notes:

“When a client is considering working with a lawyer, the first thing they will do is search for them on Google. Lawyers, therefore, need those search results to paint an appealing picture, and what they post on their channels will form this digital avatar.”

Finishing with tips which include completing your profile, learning about best practice, being authentic, and using the data provided by the platforms, the article seeks to provide a snapshot into why social media is vital for lawyers and how to best approach it.

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